Artist Statement

Tim Works with multiple media and has experience in all fine art materials but is always drawn to make work with sculptural elements,

Cuff’s influences are mainly the natural and work is inspired by making a point of the unnoticed natural environment.

Materials and there sources, and interpretation are a large part of Cuff’s work the material quality of the work is of high importance,

He finds architecture of buildings eras particularly, 1930’s and Art Deco, with uses of long narrow windows, steel banding and the curved bay window. As well as Georgian and Victorian uses of brutal materials such as stone and heavy emphasis on tile marble and pillars, as well as the brutalist era of Bauhaus and soviet style buildings with emphasis on poured shuttered concrete where the process of the making is still very visible. He has a real interest and love for architecture.

Cuff’s work often link’s back to architecture and nature as these are set uniformed or something we have no control over and that’s what makes them interesting to him.

Cuff’s art practice is away having control in life, I find my life is filled with chaos and confusion, my practice gives me some sort of goal, the work keeps me sane.

He is also interested in the contemporary function of the gallery and the relationship of this to art, and how the term gallery space is constantly evolving and changing in terms of its context. In his work Cuff likes to push this to a certain extent and make work that has potential to be more public than the gallery.

He is mainly interested in how a piece of sculpture can disrupt a space and adapt the perceptions of the viewer, for instance he recently made a sculpture that was strung with ropes the sculpture was intended to be placed outside and for the ropes to resonate as air travelled through, but also how these ideas can be pulled into a gallery context as well as a public.